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[Fourteenstars] Observing Ashura is Ibadat for Muslims but celebration of any New Year(Arabic, Bengali or English) is completely Haraam by Mr.Rehman from Bangladesh.

Monday, 21 November, 2011 10:36 PM
 I totally agree with the first part of the heading , that observing ashoorah,that is commemorating the great Tragedy at Karbalah in which the grandson of Hazrat Mohammad (saws) offered the great sacrifice of his own life but also the life of his 72 near relations, friends and followers to safeguard the religion which was at great peril from a section of munafeqeen ummah which in the garb of Islam were completely bent to destroy the deen. It was a tradition of the holy prophet and as such a must follow sunnah , to mourn the dead who scarified their lives for Islam. It started with the Shahadah of Hazrat Ameer Hamzah (a s) who attained Shahadah while defending Islam in a battle . The Rasool e Akram (saws) cried at the slain body , cried on the grave and ensured that ladies come and mourn his Shahadah at his residence .Then Aanhazrat (saws) mourned the Shahadah of his uncle Hazrat Abu Talib (a s ) and the shahadah of his wife Hazrat Khadijatul Kubrah (s a a), declaring the  year as the ‘Year of Huzn” ( mourning )  . I deleberately and justifiably  termed their natural death, their shahadah because they chose to suffer for the sake of Islam, the hardship of not few days or few month but entire three years , which eventually made them physically very weak in their  senior age and it brought their death closer. Rasool Allah (saws) then declared this as the year of mourning , not because of his personal grief but what the sacrifices they paid to the interest and welfare of Islam.
 The entire two months and eight days of Moharram , Safar and the early part of Rabiul Awwal is mourned by all devout muslims irrespective of to what sect of Islam they belong . Moharram begins with the Islamic or Hijri New Year which the author termed Arabic year is true . but since  the year starts with the  Ayyam  e Azaa e  Shaheed e Aazam Imam Husain Alaihissalam and his 72 Ashaab , we cannot express festivities and enjoy the occasion .It is only appropriate in these days extra prayers, fasting , mourning and remembering the tragic events by offering charities to the poors, destitutes and the less privileged . These solemn mourning days
are spent by all devout muslims in arranging the commomoration of the great tragedy , mentioned in Qora’an as Zibhe Azeem.These activities comprise of programs of Majalis in which Fazael o Masaeb e Ahle Bayt Athaar are recited , Ahkaam e Shariyah are discussed, life of nobles are remembered and processions are taken out and a  lot of supplications and  prayers to Allah (swt) offered . So it is most appropriate to call the entire celebrations an , Ibadah which the writer has very rightfully  termed.

But calling the celebration of say Bengali new year or Gregorian new year by the author as haram is a little too much. Just suppose someone at the onset of any new year of any community offers a lot of Salaat welcoming the beginning of the  year with extra supplications and spend a lot of money in charity will you still call these acts as Haram It cannot be termed even innovation because there is no addition alteration involved in the deen by doing so . As far as bad and unislamic practices are concerned , which  are in itself Haram so it can be concluded that these celebration of new year with various communities as long as they are only expression of solidarity and sharing the joy and community meals  is no sin . I completely differ the notion that participating in other peoples cultural occasions which do not have prohibited activities has any element of Haram or committing a sin and by calling such celebrations as Haram and sin is making your own community a laughing stock. This all of course is with one reservation , if the events clash , then one has to go with mournings and politely excuse from participating in joyous

activities . This part of the title that is  celebrating the New Year of others, termed as haram is  in fact in  bad taste , which  shall only  bring for the community  a backward reputation and poor civic sense , however by no means I am advocating  the participation in un islamic and prohibited activities .