Is it too late to stop Saudi’s from destroying Islamic heritage?


Posted by hasnain under Ahlul Bayt of Prophet (s),

A view of mine on the above matter and the plan of action , Shias & Sunnis , come togather and defeat the forces of Zion .
What is left? in over a century they have criminally, already destroyed all the graves and many Masouliums over it in Makkah and Madinah , somehow they did not dare to touch the dome of the Masjid e Nabvi, his tomb and the graves of the two sahabis buried near by . It does not mean there was no attempt but failed.
If Allah wills , these Zalemeen will be thrown out and all the heritage restored .The Sunni population of the Ummah which has a clear majority all over the world and whom these Wahabis -Salafis also call mushrik o munkir, if come togather with the Shias of the world , in no time these agents of Zion of  jewish lineage can be thrown away in the dust bin of History.As for as the Khilafah difference between the two ,
 it can be easily sorted out . You be on your aqeedah , let us be on ours , everything else is the Same ,the Namaaz of 5 times,Rozah, Hajj wo Zakaat, they are all common even the minor differences in details would have not been there if only Ahlebayt ( a s) of the Prophet of Islam were strictly followed by both that is an unfortunate part,the root cause of all trouble
Zaheer Husain Khan .