As Salam alaikum wa rehmat Allahe wa barkatoh .

Absolutely no wonder Dear Mominat wa Momeneen e karam .
”Don’t call them as dead , for the Martyres  are alive and Allah sustains 
them like living peoples ‘ Rasool e Akram (saaws) said . It must have been the graves of some martyrs, true followers and admirers of Ahlebait e Rasool Akram (saaws) who may have laid their lives for the sake of deen e Islam.
Peoples  may not have forgotten the case of two most noble and devout Sahabi e Rasool (saaws) whose graves were water logged due to shifting of the River Foraat and water had started seeping in , the matter brought to the knowledge of then ruler in his dream, the fresh and intact bodies of the two Sahabis were then exhumed and reburied in a safer place but this incident showed every one present there awe struck and it is reported that the German Engineer, Incharge of the works converted to Islam .
Finding a piece of the Hazrat Nooh’s Arck with the names of the Holy Panjatan inscribed on a wooden Plate and another one found in an excavation in the Egypt , brought forward a Silver Slate with bejeweld frame bearing the holy names of the five pnjatan (a s) through whose Waseelah, the Great King and Prophet Hazrat Sulemaan (a) asks the favour of help . It was written in an ancient language and when given to the experts were desiphored and a prayer emurged with clear names of (H) Mohammad, Ali (a) Fatemah (s) Hasan (a s) and Husain (a s ) . These are not Myths but facts  or not exagerations as some unscrupolous , infidals always allege. One can say if one has any doubt, the Silver plate can be inspected in the British Museum. It was kept hidden first but later placed in the museum.
Zaheer Husain Khan