Well in this way a three pronged microphone , a woofer and two speakers could , soon also serve the purpose .The crooked Shariyah prepared by Abdul Wahab only a century back has innovated Misyar, why one should remain in the Nikah bondage and spend continuously when a one time payment has already innovated.and special Wahabi Shariyah allows it ( Sorry it has no mention any where in Qora’an or Sunnah)
Nice way to kill Islam by the Caretakers of the holiest of holy places.
And now a Fatwah from the highest of high preast .” Destroy all Churches in the Arabian Peninsula ” and don’t allow the construction of a new one .What a bright Islam is projected from the land of Najed .Marhabah Sheikh Saheb ,You may bring the last World War closer to reality.

Zaheer Husain Khan