It may be U S or Israeil or Afghanistan, Syria or Bahrain, Malaysia , Saudia or Pakistan , men , women , Senior citizens or innocent flower like Children , they are all the target of bullets , or bomb explosions or simply beaten up as much that the soul departs . This time it was the turn of Sister Shaima Alawadi in San Diego in U S , the so called the most developed nation and leaders of Human Rights and a seat of civilisation where all the Nation meet in a United Assembly. 
The pattern is still the same , put the house on fire or beat the lonely lady in the house , it was one of the closest  companion of the Prophet of Islam who torched the door and beat up the lady , breaking up her ribs and causing termination of pregnancy killing the six month old featus and martyring the innocent ,immaculate and infallible lady by none else but one of the most evil man of the filthiest Charecter whom the Holy Qora’an described as Munafeqoon . Allah’s Curse be on all such zalemeen of yester years, the centuries gone by & of today who still follow their elders legacy,terrorism is their hobby and their passtime
 May Allah grant the lady an abode in Jannah , strength to bear this loss by her family  and may a day comes soon when all these Zalims are put under the sword of Allah to take out their last breath.
Our heart felt Condolenses on this sad anniversary of the Martyrdom of The Lady Sayyedah Zehra(s) to
the bereaved family ..