The Amazing Videos of great Aalim e Ahle Sunnah, Maulana Ishaaq Saheb on Moaviah and others.

These series of videos and I have seen many more, gives a lot of promise, No one is destined to Jannum for sure . Any one , any time , any background any enviorenment , there is always scope for complete turn around towards the perfect Eemaan . The Maulana was of a staunch Sunni faith . He studied , he researched and he examined and like Maulana Rashidul ul Khairi and Allamah Sheikh Tejani or the present day, the great Islamic Orator in English Sheikh Jehad Ismaeil created so much sensation that as to how such a miniscule minority, oppressed and suppressed every where , poorest of the poor every where , attracting so much highly talented Ulemah in its fold. What is this magnet . Money ? , Power ? Position? None of these ? We have hardly anything except the strength of Eeman and Faith in Mohammad wa Aal-e Mohammad . We feel happy we are poor , oppressed , suppressed and a target of all kind of mazalim but we are happy that in no way going to be the fuel for the logs of Jahannum and we are attracting all others to come to our folds of real Islam, rightousness , Alhamdolilah it is not the other way around.