Zaheer •  New Delhi, Delhi  

I usually don’t comment on such topics but the news item compelled me to write when I read the case of a Royal Prince who want to adapt a child to continue his legacy as he 

seems not able to have his own progeny .A very sympathetic case but one wonders why 

it so happens .It is not always infertility or impotency but an altogather a different strange orientation and wierd likes and dislikes .

God creats normal,  Only one in millions are different . He is capable to control it too,nobody has been able to understand ,then why some people are different,, abnormal and with wierd faculty . Only God Knows why but it is wierd , abnormal, unnatural and the word itself is too

immoral and shameful . Most religions call the tendency unlawful , Haram and I highly appreciate when Yoga Guru call it a chronic disease.It is a fact that in modern times most uncurable diseases are becoming managable or have complete cure but not Gayism , fast increasing ,and unfortunate that peoples no more feel shame to discuss it,  a sure sign of Parlaiy or Qayamat that is fast approaching . 

Zaheer Husain Khan