Rubia Lita, a new convert to Islam reports on my  Face Book that former United States President Jimmy Carter has warned against a possible war with Iran and denounced the United States involvement in unjust conflicts.
He noted that the United States has been “almost constantly at war” over the past 60 years — in Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, El Salvador, Libya, Panama, Haiti, Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan and many other places, adding that most of those wars fail to meet the criteria  for a just war and “some of them were completely unnecessary.” 
“And now we are contemplating going to war again, perhaps in Iran,” 


Now I say , look who is saying all this , not an ordinary U S Citizen , an ex President of the mighty United States and a Noble Prize winner for Peace in 2002.                                                                                                                 I  ask them , have these countries at any time , any of them , have any threat to the safety or the security of United States . I ask again , have any of them ever sent a single shot toward the United States ?
If you don’t lie and say no , then who is the aggressor, who is the war monger and who started the, conflict and massacred innumerable innocent peoples , destroyed innumerable buildings including places of  reverence , monuments of heritage and centers of worship and you call yourself modern,  civilised and  sophisticated . You are none but wild beasts , criminals and the worst Terrorists and your ultimate place is Hell, if you are of  any kind of believer.                                                                                              Remember the Zionists and Wahabis are with you only as long as you have power , the moment you are weakened and broke , you are marching very fast toward that, they will show you the door,then you will be left only like an old battered prostitute .