Bismillah hir rehman nir Raheem .

As Salam Alaikum Dear Sisters and Brothers in Islam .

Martyres are not dead and ” say not, of those who are killed in the cause of Allāh that they are dead, nay, they are living; only you perceive not”. (Holy Qur’ān 2:154) (It is haraam to take them as dead, they do get sustenance from Allah) . 

Martyres are not dead, If you remember the events of a hundred years back , it is well reported and documented the exhumation of the bodies of two eminent Sahabis whose graves were found to be waterlogged and it was decided to be 
dug and the bodies reburied at a safer place, the bodies of the 2 sahabis were found to be absolute fresh , after a lapse of 1300 years . The German Engineer superwising the works converted , witnessing the miracle , but these wahabis will even say to this story as fake and concocted .
Rasool e Akram (saaws) cried on the dead martyred body of his Uncle Hazrat Ameer Hamzah , wept and cried , also mourned the death of his son and used to visit his grave for Fateha..
While passing through the Grave Yard, Aan Hazrat (saaws) used to say ” As Salaam alaika ya Ahlal Quboor” There is no restriction in Shariyah over building 
on tomb , if there was any how there is a grand building built over his grave .
Demolition of graves and Masouleum belonging to the relatives , wives and Sahabah is such a grave Crime committed by Aale Saud that they have no place in the hereafter than the worst of Jahannum . Allah no doubt has kept the rope lose and have left them with plenty of riches , an indication of great calamity in their hereafter . The same fate awaits their friends followers and admirers . 
 As per the wierd aqaed of Wahabi Salafis who hardly can be taken as muslims Rasool e Maqbool (saaws) Ma’az Allah was doing Bida’a , Shirk? . The fact is that these Wahabi Salafi’s have their lineage to the Jew trader who cheated his Arab host , killed the family , usurp the properties, expanded and extended in Najd and established as a kingdom . While these are facts of History but the historian who researched and published the report was executed for exposing the truth . This is the reality of Aal e Saud who still have close relations with the Zionist Israeilies and have perpetrated the killings of innumerable Palastinian Muslims .Despite the massacre they are still the best friends and cooperators, will you still call them muslim. Do if you wish , but they have a great misfotune in store .
Just the killer of one muslim is as if he has killed the entire humanity , what will be the fatwah for them and the  same is their wiered belief , even practice too like the innovation of Misyar Zawwaj which has no reference in Islamic Shrah or tradition but is the most popular pastime . Poverty is everywhere but their 25000 princes get $ 30,000 per month while the general public has difficulty in getting a squire meal everyday . Any protest is drown by gun fire . A couple of young men tried to make a movie based on the interviews of the commons, landed in Jail.
Terrorism is not new , its history in Islam could be traced back to the time of demise of the holy Prophet (s) when the house of the daughter of the holy prophet were torched and the family terrorised, injured even an unborn child killed Modern Terrorism in Islam also originated from the same soil and have spread like wild fire , so much so that Islam is erroniously termed synonimous with Islamic Terrorism . A large number of outfits like Al-Qaedah, Talibaan, LET , Jaish and various Sipah outfits are all have their origin in Saudia and are actively helped and finnanced from there . Will you still call them muslims , you do because the mainstream Islamic sects , the Sunnies and Shias have no Unity , they do have differences on Khilafat , every thing else is one and the same , the day they unite , if the good sense prevail,  the despotic rule of the wahabi-salafi will have its end , once for all , Insha Allah . 
Zaheer Husain Khan

Dear Jeenah, Assalamu Alaikkum wrwb, Kullu Aam Wa Anthum Bi Khair
I totally agree with your points in your reply. As I have stayed so far 10 years in Saudi Arabia, I have witness that the KSA Govt taking rapid steps to serve the Hujjaj bait ul Haram. If they stop to evacuate or preempting the space near to Haram, Perhaps it is clear mess-up in future.
-Ahmed Sahib

From: Grace Jeenah <>

Assalamu Alaikum and Ramadaan Mubarak:
to them, but one day we have to let go and get rid off the things we don’t need it.
Islam teaches us not to cling to things we don’t need that are useless.
Although, the Historical Religious sights are most important, but if they are not
the Masjids and not in use, if needed the space we don’t have to cry about its
demolish. One’s birth place cannot be called a ‘Religious’ sight.
We don’t need to act like the non-Muslims to preserve the old useless buildings
for the emotional purpose.
We are Muslims now and our thinking and behavior should be like the Prophet saws.
Let us realize the ‘needs’ of the Pilgrims, the Muslim Ummah is increasing rapidly
by more and more converts, and we need to have more space to accommodate them. 
Building more Hotels for the pilgrims is the necessity. 
It is a disgrace statement to say it is like Las Vegas.
We live in Western Countries in luxury houses, and we don’t mind living the luxury
life, does it mean we are in Vegas?
The rich ones go on a holiday and put up in the best expensive hotels, but we
don’t mind or call them Wahabi or big spenders.
Let us progress, build beautiful buildings, hotels and live like humans at the
Hajj time. Also, our children the future generation can see the beauty of our
Sacred place.
However, how many of us speak up in the Western countries if the old 
buildings are demolished?? None!
But when it comes to Saudi or any Muslim countries we like to poke our noses
and make an excuse to fight with other Muslims.
Let us learn the true Islam and know the meaning of ‘Fasting’.