American Envoy assasinated , tension in many parts of the world . Why such a Film was made. I tell you this is all the majority muslim community’s own making . There is no conflict between Real Islam and any other religion, whether Hindu, Christian or Jews . Followers of Ali (s) Shia muslims believe that Ali (s) worked in a Jew’s field to earn his honest living . He & His Master, the Prophet had a very unique dialouge
with the Christians of Najran which is famous as Mobahila .  
The Prophet of Islam asked their followers to ensure the safety of all Churches anywhere while the Sunni Wahabi Clerics recommend & issue Fatwah of their demolition and not allow any new one to come up any of the muslim countries. 
Prophet of Islam never waged a War , in Islam it is prohibited . If one reads history , a Hindu Rajah sent an army to defend the Grandson of Prophet of Islam , unfortunately they could reach only after the great Massacre of Karbalah . Only defensive battle is stressed and allowed in Islam . Majority Muslims feel pride in the  fatoohaat (conquests) and early annexation of territories and invasions in many countries including many on Bharat . Were  these Islamic wars ?,not the least , definitely not .Islam don’t allow waging a war on any , therefore all wars by the Islamic Sahabas , rulers and Kings were acts of Sin , Haraam and UNISLAMIC.
Islamic so called authentic books narrate Prophet marrying a girl of 6-9 years,written in such authentic book which is said next to Allah’s revelation , the Holy Qora’an . Minority muslims , the Shia Muslims believe and their intensive researches prove that she was 21 , at least 20 yrs old . It requires too much space but the derogatory stories assigned to ones own Prophet is a very large list , so if the peoples have access to such blasphemous materials from the muslims, from so called authentic resources, the evils among them are bound to exploit it , create a Fassaad and bring about discord among communities, more so when every where they are spreading the cult of Terrorism . For More info on Terrorism & Islam please refer to my Movie on YouTube ”PAYAM E AMN” p-4 .  
It is most unfortunate for the American Community that they are the best supporters, allies , suppliers of lethal arms and ammunitions to the Centres from where  the Terrorism originated and now they are having the taste of their own poison . Al Qaedah men might have fired the shot which killed the Ambassador, but the lethal bullets and Guns may have been most likely made and supplied by USA. 
The Americans in their own interest should revise their attitude with the Real Islamic followers , the Shia Islam followed by most of Iranians, Iraqis, Bahrainis ,Kuwaitis, Hazaras of Afghanistan , Founders of Pakistan and many parts of other countries where they are in minority including India  .