Contradictory Fatwas of Shia Infallible Imams


September 22, 2012 by islamistruth

بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

‘Infallible’ Abu Abdillah (Jafar) is asked about the Ghusl for Friday Prayer. He replies: it is Sunnah.

The same question is posed to another ‘infallible’, Ali Ibn Musa Rida. He replies: it is Wajib.

So we have two ‘infallible’ Imams contradicting each other.  Which one of them is correct?

Source: Istibsar vol. 1 page. 103

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    Contradictions are in the brains of you people who have no faith in the Rasool e Akram (saaws) ‘s infallibility so how you can have faith in his immaculate , infallible progeny . You call our Prophet (saaws) who can err , who can forget , who can commit mistakes (maaz Allah , we are the one who have firm faith that he along with his four Ahlebayt and their sons were such , that as per Qora’an Allah (swt) kept every kind of RIJS away from them. If it was not so ;then there was no point in following them only because ,there have been great men and women in history, one could follow any of them or all of them. Further if we have faith in Allah and his Anbia and the last rasool then it is ibligatory on us to follow him anfd his progeny , he expressed so often . Didnt he say ” I dont seek any thing from you my Ummah but to Love, respect and follow my Ahlebayt , this will be only thing you will pay me back as my AJR E RISALAT . .
    The matter you brought is out of context . There are occassions when a proper ghusl is obligatory , at others it is sunnah , if one Imam says it is obligatory then all the other Imams in that particular circumstances will say the same .
    You must remember Awwalana Mohammad, ausatana Mohammad wa Aakhirona mohammad wa Kullona Mohammad , they are all the same , flesh and blood of mohammad (s) and have the same attributes and character save Rasool (saaws) is the Master and the last Nabi and the 12ves are his successors, but how would you digest this when you bring the salasah , the usurper , the apostate and the non beliievers whom you in your ignorance and misguidance consider superior to infallible Imams, but have never been able to prove it except quoting your false and fabricated ahadees from the Abu horairah F & F Hadees Manufacturing Co. I am yet to recieve a clarification from any of you about the Ayet I quoted several times in your forums and the ahadees you do accept as correct and reliable about the flight of your 3 heroes from the midway of the battle of Ohad or they were too afraid , scared and forced to do TAQQAYAH in their running away .. .