They ALL doubted the Imam of their time except a small few

October 8, 2012 by islamistruth


al-Salamu `Aleykum,

Classical Shia grand scholar Muhammad bin Ibrahim bin Ja`far al-Nu`mani (died 360 A.H) says in his book “al-Ghaybah” pages 27-28:

أما بعد : فإنا رأينا طوائف من العصابة المنسوبة إلى التشيع ، المنتمية إلى نبيها محمد وآله صلى الله عليهم – ممن يقول بالإمامة التي جعلها الله برحمته دين الحق ، ولسان الصدق ، وزينا لمن دخل فيها ، ونجاة وجمالا لمن كان من أهلها ، وفاز بذمتها ، وتمسك بعقدتها ، ووفى لها بشروطها ، من المواظبة على الصلوات ، وإيتاء الزكوات ، والمسابقة إلى الخيرات ، واجتناب الفواحش والمنكرات ، والتنزه عن سائر المحظورات ، ومراقبة الله تقدس ذكره في الملأ والخلوات ، وتشغل القلوب وإتعاب الأنفس والأبدان في حيازة القربات – ، قد تفرقت كلمها ، وتشعبت مذاهبها ، واستهانت بفرائض الله عز وجل ، وخفت إلى محارم الله تعالى ، فطال بعضها علوا ، وانخفض بعضها تقصيرا ، وشكوا جميعا إلا القليل في إمام زمانهم ، وولي أمرهم ، وحجة ربهم التي اختارها بعلمه

[We saw the groups that are attributed to Tashayyu` and the Prophet and his family upon them be peace, from those who believed in the Imamah that Allah with his mercy has made truthful, and has made it a merit for the one who embraces it, and salvation and beauty for those belonging to it […] They have divided in sayings and sects, and they begun to take the orders and prohibitions of Allah lightly, some have risen to extremes while others have dropped into lenience, and they ALL have doubted the Imam of their time and the one in authority of their affairs and the Hujjah of their Lord whom he picked with his wisdom except a small few]

So he’s confirming what we read in Firaq al-Shia by al-Nawbakhti and other books that the Shia were extremely divided and misguided and almost all of them never knew who their Imams were.



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    It is always a real fact , the true people of faith and real followers are always a very few , what happened after the Rasool e Kareem (saaws) closed his eyes , most of them , the sahabah e karam turn their back and returned to their original faith, only just a handfull remained steadfast .Not only this , the so called most favourite , was arguing against the genuiness of His Naboowat when by chance the father came , the daughter asked him to arbitrate between the two (ma’az Allah) , to which the father’s reaction was ahard slap so that she felled and bled Not a story of my fabrication , it is well in your so called authentic books of ahadees .

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 Is there any Shia to listen to this ex-Shia?

October 8, 2012 by islamistruth


بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

We thank Allah (swt) for guiding this brother towards the right path.  I am quoting him without adding or removing anything.

[Start of Quote]

I would mention a very breif of what happend with me to leave the Shiasim and embrace the Sect of Ahlul Suna Wa al Jama’a.

I guess you have to ask me why I left Shia and embraced the Sunni:

1st of all I would like to tell you that I am from Iraqi origin. We lived in London since 25 years. My family (till-now) follows Sayed Mohammad Hussain Fadullah.

I wasn’t care much about Sunna & Shia and these debates …etc but I was getting my information from my dad. My dad was sending a mail to Sayed Fadullah if he needs to have any Fatwa..

We were going together frequently to Khooei Center in London and in Ashora to Hussainia near by our home.


How we believe that Almighty Allah appointed Imam Ali in the Koran? And how our Prophet wrote the will that he should be the Caliph after him?

How Imam Ali the lion of islam did not make any move after the death of our prophet even he knew it is the order from Allah and His prophet?

I was believing that he was afraid of the Islamic unity?? But I discovered this is not truth ??? because Imam Ali fought Moawya when he was fighting against him for the sake of Caliphate not for the sake of appointment of Allah or the will of his prophet??

How it come he did not make revolution that time in Abu Baker area even he knew there is an order from Allah and will from Prophet? And he went fighting Moawyia to make him admit of his rulling?

It is 100% shame to belive Imam Ali did fight for the sake of chair and kept hush and silent when he knew there is appointment for him by Allah ??

The other thing that I did not really convinced that there is appointment from Allah to him and there is no clear verse from Quran saying this at all???

My dad got angry anyway till this day but he respected my opinion and he till now keeping trying to convince me but in vain.

I wish Almighty Allah guide us all to his rightly path the Quran and the Sunna of his prophet.

Note: I still beilive that Shia are Muslims though but they are not on the right bath.

Syyed Mohammad Hussain Fadullah is Saying:

((There is no freedom inside the Shia Sect to discuss the Shia Matters))

((The Shia matter in some cases is like (We followed what our fathers follow…))

((The Shia don’t wanna abandon wot they inherited whatsoever correct or not??))

Ref. (For Life and Man. Page:195)


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    What a fictitious story you have given . all bull shit , No shia , real shia , in his senses will convert , that too to sunniism , why , is he a fool to follow the apostate , unbelievers and Jahannumis Kholafa e Salasah , who ran away from Jung e Ohad to save their life and on the death of the Rasool (s) grabbed Khilafat from Rasool’s appointed Ali Ibne Abi Talib (a) . So a shia in his senses will go from light to pitch darkness ? , from following the Ahlebayt e Rasool (a s ) he will go to follow the Munafeq Thugs ?, the killers , the Terrorists . If any one goes from shia to sunni it truly means he has never been a shia , Do you think Sheikh Sankoh , the grand Sunni Imam of Paris , writer of several books and leader of many sunni orgs was a fool ? Did he lost his senses to become a shia from sunni and at age 68, he said I was till now in a deep coma of information . Bring Just one , I challange you bring just one Shia ( educated) from any where,from any corner of the world , give me his name , telephone number and address , just one from any where in the world , its an open challenge , Can you do it , If not just keep quite , cry for your Qismat and wait for the hereafter . Your hereafter will be with your heroes , the munafeqeen , the Zalemeen, mine’s will be with our Rasool (saaws) & his Ahlebayt (a s) We are not afraid of our minor qunah , we are sure their intercession will get them pardoned , what about yours , do you believe in abu horairah ‘s famous narration from Saheeh Bokhari , Rasool Allah (saaws) exclaims at Hauze kauser while they are dragged towards jahannum ,” my sahabah , my sahabah , my sahabah” (3) and Allah (swt) will say ” Don’t You Know What inno-vations they did after you departed .” Wazoo,Azaan, Namaz, Taraweeh” & so on .

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    لوگ مجھسے پوچھتے ہیں تم ناول کبھی نہیں پڑھتے یہاں تک کے سفر میں بھی نہیں
    -میں کہتا ہوں بچپن سے مجھے جھوٹی کہانیاں پڑھنے سننے کا کبھی شوق نہیں رہا