AS far as I understand the name of Raafezee given by the sunnies to us Shias , mean deniar of kholalafa e salasah and we admit that in that sense we have the  firm eeman that the three kholafa e salasah were usurper, and by the proven fact of history and as per innumerable sunni hadees were the runners

from the Islamic battles , a fact (testified even in saheeh Bokhari) which rendered them as per holy Qora’an , apostate, unbeliever and Jahannumi .It may not be palatable for you but this is a fact of history and sura e munafeqoon is a living proof of this reality , however it may be bitter for you and hurt your aqaed but truth is truth and facts are facts .
 .Dawat e Zul Asheerah in which the Prophet of Islam(s) for the first time declared his appointment of Naboowah before his clan is a reality of history and on this very occasson , Aanhazrat (saaws) declared his successor , Ali Ibne Abu Talib who was just 10 and you must have heard the sarcastic words of Abu Lahab to Janab Abu Talib (a) ” Hay , from now on you are under the obeyance of your Nephew” Then over 1,20,000  are witness to the 
declaration of divine appointment of the successor Maula Ali (a) at the Ghadeer e Khum , recorded by more than hundred narrators of Ahle Sunnah . Abu bakr , Omar and Usman along with at least 70 companions payed their allegiance on the hands of Maula Ali (a) in a make shift tent . It may not have skipped from your memory the famous words of Omar Ibnal Khattab , when He came running almost breathless exclaiming ” Bakhan , bakhan , Ya Abul Hasan , from now on you are also my Master (Maula)” It is upto you people what you call it asking allegiance from a person you have already given allegiance to . 
Now this is a misfortune of the majority of Ummah that greed for power, wealth and position overpowered them and with the closing of the eyes of Rasool e Kareem (saaws) saqeefah happened , Terrorist attack on the door of the Daughter of the Nabi (s) happened and the usurper of her gifted property happened  and a new Cult emurged to which unfortunately you belong,  for you have been fed the stories of these as the noblest of sahabas on account of wide spread fake and fabricated ahadees in praise of these usurpers who were churned by handsomely paid narrators , some of them having very little and very brief contacts with the Prophet (saaws) like abu horairah about whom you must be aware the the mother of believer reprimanded him for telling lies and even Omar bin Khattab beat him for his embezzlements from the Baitul Mall. He had to refund 10,000.
I would not say much though there is much more , but would definitely remind you the blasphemy Omar Ibnal Khattab committed at the death bed
of the Rasool e Akram (s) so much so that he raised his voice over the Rasool , called him Ma’az Allah out of his mind and if as if he had much more wisdom than the Nabi (s) himself in the  blasphemous utterence of ” Hasbana Kitab Allah ” This produced so much commotion that in that 
condition of severe illness the Nabi Kareem (s) had to shout to shun t him out in the words ” GET OUT OF HERE ” I have no doubt in the story for 
I have seen a Video based on many Ahle Sunnah Narration , it is on the YouTube , you type in the subject ( in Urdu only) ‘ Hazrat Umar ka Shijra e Nasab ‘ and you will find his lineage which is a witness to his noble (sic) character..If such were these sahabas and I was supposed to obey these 
in the Islam they spread , I would have prayed SEVEN SALAAMS .
Zaheer Husain Khan