That is the daily happening of that yahoodi saudi cult . Terrorism raised its most ugly head from their soil ,and they still have their headquarters their .

Murder , deceit , adultry , sodomy , alcohol drinking , paedeophilia and misiyar is the part of their distinct culture yet , they hold the holiest of holy places of Islam and milking it to its last drop beside bulldozing and destroying all the  sacred heritages of Islam humiliating both Shias as well as Sunnies , to both of them they consider as mushriks and bidatis though they them themselve are the worst mushriks .They are in the absurdly false impression to be the most pious and puritons  though in fact they are not muslim even, in the actual sense and their lineage is the pure jewish and their aim in life is to rule the entire world after destroying Islam as well as  the  Christianity..Today they have  a big hold over US , UK and Europe. Saudis and their stooges are their closest allies . 

Dajjal is sure to raise their head among from these Yahoodi-Saudis . Beware of the signs , the time is not too far .
Zaheer Husain Khan