1. How savage , how radiculous , how cruel is this , are they muslims ? Yes abviously they seems,they look they claim, will they never be reformed ? , will they ever come to the reality of things , I am losing all hopes , I know the cause , the real cause of all this is deviation from the real Islam , turning back the heels, the moment the Rasool e Kareem (saaws) closed his eyes . The whole trouble lies with the three evil sahabas , the worst of munafiqs who turned the wheel of Islam towards the moulookiayat , greed , innovations and consequent destruction of Islam .
    These are the symptoms of those deviation and today all this is controlled from the Nejad royality , no doubt the Qayamat is approaching fast and the Dajjal will raise his head from the same Wahabi – salfi- Yahoodi headquarters .