Shia Scholar says no one criticized the lineage of Abu Bakr because Imams are from his progeny

June 17, 2013 by islamistruth



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Shia scholar Nimatullah Jazairi says:

“As for not criticizing him in a harmful way, as we will see in the lineage of his likes, maybe it is because the Imams (as) are from his (Abu Bakr’s) progeny.”

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    Which Imam is from his distant progeny is not important but the Shia Scholar is
    right and no one questions Abu Bakar’s Lineage . It is the same chain as Mohammad Rasool Allah (saaws) but was seperated and bifurcated at ninth stage . Taking advantage of this fact , Abu Bakr in his first Bussiness expedition with Jews and Nasarah in Syria , falsly and mischieviously introduced himself as a Hashimite which obviously he was not as Hazrat Hashim (a s) came much later and Abu Bakr had nothing to do do with his family but of course Hashimites were popular and noble Clan of the day .
    The falsehood of Abu Bakr continued when he made the worst of its kind a falsehood in the premises of the Masjid e Nabvi about the extempore false and fabricated hadees he presented on inheritance . Funny , isnt that his admirers later callled him a siddique as if it was a God given or Rasool given title , What a joke and a misnomer .
    About the lineage of the three sahabah , the most filthy case is of Omar ibne Khattab , see what Al Saeb a Sunni reputed writer says in his book , on the basis of which there is a video linked below . It details his great grandfather Nofyl & Sahaks illicit relationship resulting in Khattab who erroniously fell on his own mother to sire Sahak whom he later married .What a complicated relationship . حضرت عمر کا شجرہ نسب
    Ahle Sunnah writer Mohammad Bin Al Saeb al Kalbi
    ‘Al Salabata fi ma’arafatah al Sahabah ‘ ( 3 / 212 )