Understand you Ahle Sunnah wal Jama’a one thing clearly,Allah appoints his Khazlifah Himself on earth.He said ” Inni Jael.un fil Arz e Khalifah” . He sent Aadam (a) till Khatam (s) and then on command from Allah (swt) the Rasool(s) appointed his Wasi (successor) as Imam e Awwal , Hazrat Ali Ibne Abi Talib (a) which he had declared at dawat e zul asheerah when Ali (a) was only about 10 and finally before departing confirmed his divine appointment at the famous Ghadeer e Khum witnessed b y 1,20,000 . He (s) asked prominent Ummah to pledge allegiance in a camp set up for this,Abu Bakr,Umar,Osman
& other 67 sahabi pledged their allegiance then & there itself.Omar Ibnal Khattab’s coming to the camp is very famous of congratulating Ali (a) in thesewords.” Bakhan Bakhan Ya Abul Hasan,from now on you are also my Master”
Alas the moment the Rasool e Kareem (s) closed his eyes , the munafeqeen sahabees in greed and lust for power-position held a fake drama of election at Saqeefah and rest is history . In Islam there is no election , nomination or selection is valid , only the dictate of the creator supreme.Guidance comes from Allah , his Rasool and his itrah and the succession is also minjanib Allah , as such the coming of various usurpers is all evil , Allah had already provided a seeries of Khalifatul muslemeen in12 Imams who succeeded one after the other. .
As such the Umayyed and Abbasid Khalifas , usurpers came and gone , some were openly enemitic to the Ahlebayt , some less or more , all made sure to martyr the divine Khalifa e waqt one by one till the last and 12th Imam went on occultation,is alive by Allah’s will, ruling and Guiding from behind the visible presence and shall be reappearing before the Qayamah to bring peace and tranquility to this world full of violence and terrorism .That time is not too far it seems and then there will be the day of judgement .
This answers the frauds you described that took place during the Imamat of the Eighth Successor of the Holy P:rophet, Imam Raza (a s) .