A refutation of Shia Cult

We have collected some references from the book of Khomeini “Kashaful Asrar” for the Sunni Muslims who are deceived by the Shias that Khomeini was a person who wanted unity between Shias and Sunnis and similar stuff. Khomeini abused Prophet (s) and his sahaba in his book “Kashaful Asrar” in the worst way possible.

Khomeini writes regarding the third Caliph Uthman:

We worship that God and recognise only Him as God whose acts are based on mature wisdom and who does not do anything against the dictates of wisdom. Nor do we recognise such God who having built the edifice of justice and piety on the exalted foundation of devotion to God, Himself paves the way for its destruction and ruin, and hands over leadership and governance to such oppressors and scoundrels as Yazeed, Mu’awiyah and Uthman.

Kashaful Asrar, p. 107

Than Khomeini titles a chapter “Abu Bakr’s opposition…

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