Allah said ‘kun fayakoon’and the universe came into existence.
Then he created a NOOR, the soul of Mohammad (saaws)
Then He split the Noor into two and the soul of Maula Ali (a s) created , Rasool e Akram (saaws) often used to say in his lifetime” I and Ali are from the Noor e wahid (a single light) Then a time came when Allah (swt) created Adam from the 5 elements.He (swt) asked all the angels to prostrate to this creation of His . Everyone complied except Iblees who was one of the most prominent Angels , even called muallim ul malkoot (that is the teacher of other angels ) . He committed this blasphemy on the plea that YOU have created him from the Earth and my khilqat (creation) is sublime from fire , so I am superior and shall not bow to a lowly creation . That is how he became a Shaitaan (satan) He asked for one boon . I shall be allowed to deceive your creationS . Allah granted this with the condition that he will not have the power to influence those whom will be His chosen peoples, infallible and they will be able to guide those who will not be effected by shaitaan’s misguidance and they shall be sent at every region at all times till the day of resurrection (Qayamah) so that no one has the plea of ignorance and could say I simply did not receive any guidance .
From just a Single Adam at that stage , Allah created from his ribs Hawwah, his spouse . One may wonder how . But today in the era of science and technology, you know that the basic single cell living creature, Amoeba splits into two and thus multiplies further. I don’t mean to say Adam came as such, but Allah can do anything , He is all mighty and capable of ordering any thing to happen and it happened . Then Adam and Eve were the first couple and most of the believers of all religions have faith in them .They enjoyed the bounties of Heaven but committed one simple folly. They were supposed not to consume certain prohibited commodity which they innocently did on shaitaan’s misguidance . Result they were turned out from the Heaven . After a lot of repentance and prayers with the Vasilah e Noor, Allah did pardoned them but they were sent to this Earth Then the progeny of the first couple multiplied and needed guidance so Adam became the first guide , the first teacher or in Allah’s term the first Prophet of the Allah’s religion of Islam. Thus the progress of multiplication of human population started as well as the sending of a chain of Prophets also commenced along with the process of natural evolution of the human race . While the basics of theology remained constant throughout but certain details did changed from one era to other and were conveyed from time to time through the Messengers . It is believed that Allah appointed 1,24,000 Immaculate, Infallible Messengers of which Hazrat Adam (a s) was the first and Hazrat Mohammad Mustafah (saaws) was the last.
The world came to know from various scriptures revealed to mankind through His Angels. The names of most eminent Prophets , all learned , immaculate and infallible like Hazrat Noah whose Arc is well known to almost every one, Hazrat Moosah whose Asah ( walking stick) is also very well known then there was Hazrat Daud and Hazrat Yusuf and Hazrat Sulaiman who was a King and Prophet both and a wast empire which he inherited from his father , also a prophet . Hazrat Ibraheem whom the Tyrrant King Namroud of the time threw from a large throwing device called Minjaneeq (a huge catapult) onto a huge burning pit , filled with burning logs, for he preached a Single God and did not toe the belief of the polytheist idol worshipper’s Gods , Hazrat Ibraheem by Allah’s grace escaped unhurt and unburnt . In another event ,one may say he was put to test, he obeyed to sacrifice his only son born in his old age, granted to him after a long time prayers. His obeyance to Allah pleased Him so much that at the exact moment he was going to slain his son, by a miracle a ram stood replaced in favour of Ismaeel Thus the life of his son was spared and it was revealed that this act was postponed to a later date in a Zibh e Azeem ( the great grand Sacrifice) , the details of which will come later . This incident is commemorated on that date as a ritual, mandatory for all capable persons, at least once in a lifetime . This is performed along the circumbulation of Khana e Kaabah seven times, sayee (a brisk walk) also 7 times to and fro from the hillocks of Safa and Marvah during the Hajj on 9th and 10 Zill-hijjah,a mandatary ritual which culminates with the throwing of stones on the THREE satanic symbols of Evil and shaving of head for men .There is no ahram restriction for women neither cutting of hairs. Hazrat Ibraheem (a s) was later blessed with the responsibility of building a House which should be dedicated to Allah, who though is beyond the limitation of enclosures etc, just not required for Him and Who is basically limitless, formless, omnipresent and omnipotent but wished to have a house in his name . It may be at a later stage His design were to send His Wali in human form to be privileged to be born in that very house for whom the Noor of the soul was already in existence that was created splitting the original Noor of Mohammad (saaws) , the last messenger of Islam., as we mentioned in the beginning of this article . Hazrat Ibraheem Alaihissalam with his long tableegh e deen e islam, the religion of monotheism attracted a large followers and many peoples who were following him in the belief of One Allah with no else to share His authority supreme and who created the entire Universe or everything which exists , He sustains all and is also the master of the day of Judgement Kaabah is situated at the exact Centre of this earth in Makkah e Moazzamah .
The Prophet of Islam Hazrat Mohammad (saaws) who is the last and final in the series of 1,24,000 messengers mentioned earlier was born in the House of Hazrat Abdullah and his wife Janab Amenah Khatoon.on the 17th of Rabil Awwal 570 AD. Hazrat Abdullah was son of Abdul Muttalib, who was son of Hazrat Hashim and his other son was Hazrat Abu Talib Hazrat Mohammad (s) was born soon after the death of his father and he was taken care of by his grandfather who also died when Hazrat Mohammad (s) was only 8 years and the entire responsibility of his looking after was taken over by his Uncle Hazrat Abu Talib (a s). I have often said that the Nabboowat grew in the most pious laps of Hazrat Abu Talib (a s) who was a monotheist and was on the religion of Hazrat Ibraheem (a s) Some unscrupulous people in their enmity spread doubt about his Eemaan (faith) but the following event is self evident and will show the clear reality that he had the most perfect Faith in Mohammad (saaws)and Islam .
There was a serious draught and famine in the region and peoples were near starving .As one of the most respected man, caretaker of the Khana e Kaabah, peoples came to him in droves and said , do something or we will all perish of hunger and thirst. Hazrat Abu Talib a devout believer and aware that the child he is looking after is not an ordinary one . He sat by the wall of the Khana e Kaabah, holding the young Mohammad in his lap, prayed ” O Allah , on behalf of this child , kindly send the rains , Lo and behold , in the scorching sun, clouds appeared from no where and before his prayers finished , it started raining so heavily it rained that the place changed into a cesspool. This was the result of the faith and belief of Hazrat Abu Talib (a s) . Those who doubted didn’t had the basic sense that how Allah (swt) can leave a Prophet, that too most imminent one and the last and final in the series ,often calling him his habibi, the most loved one and that in the care of a kaffir ( Astaghferullah) .

The great Grandfather of Mohammad (saaws) , Abdul Munaf , is reported to have twins born in his family who were conjoined, Hashim and Ummaiyyah were conjoined twins and his father was advised that unless they were separated, there is very little chance of their survival . Separation may survive at least one otherwise they may both die .There were hardly any surgical procedures available in that early era and a sword was used to separate them and Allah willing both survived . This story seems less plausible due to a remote possibility of success by such a crude cutting and also due to modern facts of genetics which have come to knowledge only in recent times. Twins are usually of a very similar attributes and hardly ever differ much but as the following events will show their respective natures were miles apart, while one was the most noble and righteous the other was extremely evil and crude. The other story which goes seems to be more reasonable that there were no twins any way but Janab Hashim was born in the house and Abdul Munaf had adapted another male child whose lineage was not known , and who may have been an abandoned child . So both grew in the house of Abdul Munaf , Hashim grew to be on the deen of his monotheistic Ibraheemic ancestors and Umaiyyah , a despot and an Idol worshipper .Thus is the start of two streams , a Chain of Kufr o Nifaq of Umaiyyah and the other of Tauheed o Islam and righteousness of Hashim .Thus two distinct Clan formed , one called Umaiyyites or Bani Umaiyyah and the other Hashmites or Bani Hashim . They both grew to be two prominent clans in the area and decided the future scenario of the society , the status of Kufr o Eemaan.
Mohammad Mustafa (saaws) grew to be a very honest, truthful and trustworthy person . He had God given skills of good business acumen and started participating in business trips with his uncle . He had great disliking for Idol worship though avoided physical confrontation or the harsh talks on the topic .Though an early marriage was the trend in the region , he remained a bachelor till the age of 25 years . He accompanied some of the business trips of Hazrat Khadijatul Kubra who had taken up the business of Janab Khwalid, her father, due to his old age. Great successes and ample profits in the trades due to his acumen made a very good impression of him on Janab e Khadijah . She herself was an extra ordinary beautiful women, very rich due to great successes in her business made her an envious women with many suitors from the rich and elite, but for her a real person of her liking was not yet met till Mohammad (saaws) came in contact due to business association. Janabe Khadijah was known as a Princes of Arabia, many rich and elite wanted her hands but she could not get a good match till she reached 28 years however when a proposal came from Mohammad (saaws) she immediately agreed and Janab Abu talib took the proposal to Janab Khadijah and it got immediate acceptation , as such they got married and Hazrat Abu Talib himself recited the Nikah. Age of 28 even is too much and a little being elder to the husband is a rarity and later other envious factors brought the rumours that He is 25 while his wife is 15 years senior though in reality it was only a difference of 3 yrs. She was besides many other attribute extremely kind with compassion . On the death of her 2 elder Sisters their 2 daughters were raised and cared by her who came to Mohammad’s house and were called Aanhazrat’s children though they were not born to him. This became the cause of other fictitious rumours that she was married twice earlier and had two issues, all false and fictitious propaganda due to hatred and envy of some of his other wives who though came after her death but always hated and spread rumours against her. Janabe Khadijah was extremely devoted loving and caring and all of her over two and a half decades of life spent in the service of His mission which as we call in urdu tan, man and Dhan .She , so used to luxuries and comfortable life never had and aorta of complaint and spent most of her enormous wealth and gladly accepted the hardships particularly during her old age when she spent three miserable years of very tough times which the entire ahlebayt had to spend in the Shoeb e Abu Talib, abandoned ,boycotted and completely cut off from the outside world. These hardships had a very adverse effects on her and on Hazrat Abu talib and they both succumbed to the torturous life in their advance age and could not survive for long after the siege was lifted Hazrat Mohammad (saaws) declared the year in which he lost two of the most loved one as the year of Huzn ( the saddest year of great mourning ).
In the meantime , in the household of the Mohammad (s) to his Uncle Hazrat Abu Talib and his wife Fatema binte Asad , a miraculous birth took place which had no precedence . When Hazrat Fatemah Binte Asad felt that the time has come , she came to circumbulate the holy Khana e Kaabah and standing near the wall started praying .”O Allah , on behalf of my great grandfather, Hazrat Ibraheem and Hazrat Ismaeel (a s) who built this house of your’s , I have kept this gift of yours which I have carried with great care and love and I pray that its delivery may please be made easy for me” . At that very moment a miracle happened , a split appeared in the corner wall of the Khana e Kaabah and Fatemah binte Asad rushed in to enter through that opening while the main door remained closed and locked .It was the blessed day of 13th Rajab of 599 AD. The peoples present there and the scores of pilgrims were aw struck by the disappearance of the lady from the scene, who were standing there , the split happened and she was nowhere found . They tried to break open the locks of the main door but could not and ultimately dispersed, thinking some strange miracle must have happened . Then three days later, on 16th of Rajab 599 AD, another split occurred in the wall and Fatemah binte Asad came out with the newborn Ali Ibne Abi Talib in her hands It is also authentically reported that the new born did not opened his eyes till he was handed over to the waiting laps of Hazrat Mohammad (s) till he loved and kissed him and transferred his divine knowledge and blessings to the Child . Since then the event is called the “The smile of the Kaabah and the date 13th Rajab as a day of great rejoicing (Eid e maulood e Maula (a s)

As is shown in the following table , Hazrat Hashim’s son Abdul Muttalib had two sons , Hazrat Abdullah and Hazrat Abu Talib and Mohammad (s) was born to Hazrat Abdullah to his mother Janab Amenah Khatoon (s.) and Ali (a ) was born to Abu Talib and Fatema bAsad

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On the abrupt death of Yazeed ,his
son Moaviah2 refused to sit on the Ali(a) was appointed successor at age
throne smeared by Ahlebayt’s blood 10 at Hazrat Abu Talib’s house Rasul
Moavia1 was appointed Governor (s) declared his Risalat at Dawat eZul
by Umar Ibne Khattab who took Ashirah and retreated it at the Khum
over from Abu Bakr and later the of Ghadeer.All Sahabah complied &
rulership went to Usman bin Affan offered their allegiance on Ali’s (a s)
who after some years rule allegedly hands in a tent set up for the purpose
was declared Nathal & Wajibul They later dishonoured it at Saqifah
Qatl by Lady Ayesha and eventually and made an alternate of an election
killed allegedly by Talha & Zubair when the Prophet of Islam departed.

Now on the left Chain is the Lineage of Banu Umaiyyah and their associates and on Right is the noble lineage and progeny of Rasool Maqbool (saaws) . The main stream Islam on the basis of the Rasool e Islam’s parting instructions in a famous and mutawatir hadees ” Inni tarekum fi saqlain , Kitab Allah wa Itrati wa Ahlelbayti ” Those who chose the right stream , though are in a miniscule minority but Alhamdolillah are on the right path, who followed the Rasool (s) instructions religiously and are called Shia’an e Ali or briefly Shia , as the Rasool e Islam further added in the same hadees , that those who will keep tamassuk with both ie Qora’an & Ahle Bayt will not go astray and shall meet me at the Pond of Kausar ( Jannah. )

Immediately as the Rasool e Akram (saaws ) breathed his last , on the 28th of Safar 632 AD the evil fitnah raised its head and many Sahabas reverted to their original faith or became open hypocrites, kept the Islamic spirit and practices away , introduced a number of far reaching innovations in the deen and a race started to grab the Khilafah which in fact the Rasool e Islam (s) had already decided under divine instructions in favour of his cousin, his son in law , the son of his uncle Hazrat Abu Talib (a s) , Ali (a s) whom not once but in the course of time , several times, he had declared his successor and the Khalifa after him. A mutawatar hadees tells us he said “O Ali , for me you are as Haroon was for Moosah but there will be no Nabi after me”. Thus this split of a cross section of the Ummah who were much excess in numbers forming a brute majority who had formed a group and claimed that the Book of Allah is enough for them and they will chose their own leader irrespective of the divine orders or the wishes of the Rasool e Islam. It is also reported that at his death bed Rasool e Akram (saaws) asked for writing material so that he may write a will and the Ummah may not go astray after him , to this Umar raised his voice , said he is in delirium have lost his senses and for us the book of Allah is enough and sufficient Rasool e Akram (saaws) got very angry and asked them to go away . Later. In a sheer drama of an election at Saqifah, which was held at the strategic time when the Prophet of Islam body was awaiting burial, a small number of Ansars and Immigrants first had a long battle of arguments , claims and counter claims and ultimately Umar Ibne Khattab grabbed the hands of Abu Bakr , uttering his allegiance to him and shouted the decision has taken place and whoever differs on this shall be beheaded, This is how the election was held and selection done without the presence of many prominent Sahabis , particularly Ali Ibne Abi Talib and others . While he had the distinction of being most , knowledgeable, most brave , highest in piety and finest in character and chosen already by a divine decree the declaration of a rival successor and Calif was definitely a futile one but all the more most senseless while he was busy in the arrangements of the Prophet’s burial. Since Aale Rasool were never for power or position of the world , they did not bothered much but continued to concentrate on the propagation and preservation of deen e Islam . As such Ali (a) put himself in a cocoon and was available only for any spiritual advise or to solve any serious calamity if such a situation arrived . Though known to be the greatest warrior of all times, conqueror of all Ghazwas of the Rasool (s) , he never went for any battles waged for occupation and annexing territory which in his view was haram and clearly un islamic . But the opponents and Usurpers were not happy even on this, knowing well their position will not be established unless Ali ‘s allegiance is obtained. First they confiscated Fatemah’s (s) gift property of Fadak which Rasool e Akram (saaws) had so lovingly gifted to her on Alla’h instructions . This was a piece of land which was exclusively his own and not a booty of any Ghazwah . His daughter would have hardly cared for a worldly possession but it was a matter of right as well as an emotional issue , so she through the door which opened in the Masjid went along with some women and demanded her rights . The worst blasphemy which the ruler did was to ask her bring witnesses and the second folly was to reject the witnesses on one reason or the other . The moral degradation he showed was the fact that for a lady and who was the only daughter of his own Prophet and the Lady who was in a way his step grand daughter, he did not had the moral turpitude and even the minimum human civic sense to offer her a seat while she stood for several hours .Remember she was in mourning for her father who had passed away not in a distance past. Her Khutbah there is a landmark in the history of Faith , Eloquence of Oratory . She had to come back without her legal rightful property . It is narrated that on deep thinking and reflections, he found himself at fault and wrote an agreement to return it to her as rightful owner and while he was carrying the said document he had prepared, Umar bin Khattab sensed what it was, almost snatched from him, torn and throw away. The matter finished at that though the history tell us that the property changed hands many times , whenever the ruler realised that indeed that was the genuine right of the Lady Fatemah (s a a) the property came back to her children and grand children while it was snatched again and again when another tyrant , the enemy of Islam and Ahlebayt (a s) took over .
Then the next and a great abhorring incident . The Ist ruler Abu Bakr sent Umar bin Khattab with 6 associates armed with burning torches to go and obtain allegiance for his khilafat At the door of the daughter of the holy Prophet (s) he came and shouted ” Come out Abul Hasan pay allegiance or I shall put your house on fire ” This is the same person who just a while back at the Ghadeer e Khum had come running almost breathless and said ” Bakhan bakhan, Ya Abul Hasan, from now on you are also my Maula (master). Someone asked “Fatemah (s) is also inside with her children,will you still put the house on fire” He said it does not matter” He torched the door on fire, Prophet’s daughter who was standing behind the door was squeezed between the door and the wall and was so seriously injured that she lost her unborn Child in the womb whom the Prophet of Islam had lovingly pre-named ‘Mohsin’ (a s) Then he entered and hit her with his shield, which broke her ribs. The injuries inflicted mercilessly caused her martyrdom in just over a couple of months later . Apparently the event is vehemently denied that such a thing never happened but other defend it by saying , the err is human, Allah is a great forgiver and He will pardon, but those who deny the incident altogather do not have an answer , that if it was so then why there is a hadees in the Saheeh Bokhari and that too by the narration of Lady Aisha that Fatemah (s) was very angry with Abu Bakr (lady Aisha’s father) and since then she never spoke to him till she lived and died in a matter of a couple of months with a serious gush of wound on her ribs and in her will also she requested her husband Ali (s) neither to inform them or let them participate in her burial or the funeral Prayer . There is as such no evidence that they participated. So they were absent from burial of her father for different reasons, while they were neither informed, nor present in the Rasool’s daughter’s funeral for an altogather different reason. .
Hazrat Ali , fateh Khaibar o Khandaq, Badr o Hunain who would have finished many in a single blow, did not resist or retaliate because of the express promise he had made at the parting momemts of the Rasool e Akram (saaws) that in no case he will lift arms on His (s)
Ummah whatever be the circumstances and he fulfilled his promise whatever be the humiliation he suffered, It was all the more so since in every battle , he was asked by the Prophet of Islam to lead, surely he was the ultimate victor and it happened in all the defensive wars Rassool e Kareem (saaws) had to face whether it was Khandaq or Khaiber , Badr or Hunain or Ohad . In the battle of Ohad a great calamity had happened , Rassool Allah (s) while defending himself got seriously injured and fell in a ditch while Hazrat Ali (a) was finishing the kuffar to their logical end and suddenly a scream sounded that the Prophet of Islam is dead . Many so called warriors including Umar , Abu Bakr and Usman, who were supposed to be the closest Sahabah , so called most dedicated and faithful fled to save their lives, as soon as they heard this rumour , they ran so fast that for 3 miles they did not stop and looked back . Saheeh Bokhari reports that Umar was hopping from one hillock to other like hilly goats , and they returned only after three days when they came to know that Mohammad (saaws) indeed though badly injured was hail and hearty.As far Ali (a s)chasing and finishing the kuffars he rushed to pick up the Rasool (s) , brought him to safety took care of his wounds, brought him back to the comfort of his home for further treatment.

When all the three rulers had their fill of their ambitions for a few years each and died , the rightful and genuine contender of the Khilafat who had kept himself aloof in the service of the Ummah on his own alone , helped advised and guided the rulers if any serious problem arisen, specially any such matter came to the court for which they had no clue as per the laws of Islam It is well known that Umar reportedly said several times , “Ya Ali if you were not there , Omar would have been dead” this he said when he sentenced a pregnant women to the death row and before execution Ali (a s) came to know and prevented the execution , otherwise the obviously innocent unborn child would have also been killed in the womb.
As per Islamic Shariyah , Waging a war for expanding the domain is illegal . One can defend and fight if a war is imposed but for annexing territories and expansion of the area of rule is strictly prohibited in Islam , The Prophet of Islam, never waged a single battle, neither he ever started the first offensive and His Vice-regent Ali (a) in spite of all his valour and bravery first invited the opponent to accept Islam , then the next he allowed and offered to let him go back to his peoples and in case refused both, he allowed him to start the first attack. He never chased a runner or snatched arms ammunitions, precious garments or dismembered the body parts. One after the other when the three Kholafah, after their rule passed away, the Khilafat was almost imposed on Maula Ali (a s) which he was very reluctant to accept at this stage and in this way when he was kept denied his legal and devine right, for so long . But when he was hard pressed , accepted solely in the best interest and the welfare of his master’s deen and here begun a rule which has no parallel in the history of Governance. Today’s U N organization, recognises Ali’s (rule) as the most ideal and unprecedented in the annals of history of the last 1300 years . A UN report termed his rule as an all time ideal rule, and a roll model for the present rulers to follow . His treatise , Nahjul Balagha has been recognised as the best Sahifah only after the Kalam Allah , the holy Qora’an and innumerable research thesis has been written on the book In the annals of literature, religion and philosephy . It is rated at the top as the most eloquent book.
Conspirators and enemies of Islam remained active to destroy the deen by eliminating the progeny of the Rasool e Akram (saaws), peoples handsomely paid for cursing Ali (a s) from the pulpit of the Masjids, no one was allowed to speak in his favour, peoples were persecuted books and libraries burnt and destroyed eulogising him was a crime and others rewarded who abused him publicly and an attempt on his life by a frustrated suitor of a women named Qattamah whose father was killed by Ali (a s) in a Gazwah alongside the Rasool e Akram (saaws) . Qattamah in her own enmity and encouraged by the conditions against the Ameeral momeneen had promised the accursed Ibne Muljam that he can had her only in the event of he bringing Ameeral Momeneen’s head . His wishes could never be fulfilled and he was caught in the Masjid itself when he attacked (19th Ramazan 40 H) him while the Imam was prostrating in the last Sajdah e Shukr of the morning prayer which he was leading in Koofah.. While all efforts were made to amend the deep wound on the back of his neck but Ameeral Momeneen (a s ) breathed his last, three days later on the 21 st of Ramazan 40 AD and was buried in the Najaf Ashraf Iraq.
Hazrat Imam Hasan (a s ) after his father’s martyrdom became the second divine successor of the holy Prophet of Islam and was thus proclaimed 2nd Imam .
Moaviah ibne Abu Sufiyan (LA) was conspiring to grab the mantle of Khilafat . He already was appointed Governor by Umar ibin Khattab during his regime and had grabbed untold wealth and had put the well known narrator Abu Horairah to go and abuse the Ameeral Momeneen from the Pulpit of the Rasool (s) . What an abuse when from the same pulpit the Rasool e Kareem(s) used to say, ” It is an ibadah to look at the face of Ali (a)” and an ” enmity with Ali is enmity with me and enmity with me is enmity with Allah”. Both sons of Ali (a s) had inherited the valour and bravery of his father but were reluctant to show their skills with the ummahs of their own Grandfather, however much they were put to loss and humiliation. As such when Moaviah confronted him, Imam Hasan (a s) to avoid bloodshed of Muslims on both sides, agreed to abdicate himself from the Khilafat but with the express condition that this is one time arrangement and khilafat will not be inherited by his son and will come back to his family. Moaviah stealthily agreed to all conditions but never remained faithful and conspired to martyr him through poisoning by none else but the Imam’s wife herself , The lady who remained in the noblest company of the 2nd Imam was unfortunately extremely greedy by nature and of course in a loss by putting worldly pleasures and wealth over the brightest hereafter for ever and ever, It is really strange that she was in the holiest company of a Imam but was so evil and lusty that she succumbed to the temptation of becoming a Queen after killing her husband . Moaviah had promised her that he will get her married to his son., He did succeed in getting the Imam martyred through the lady by her poisoning him and the poison was so lethal that the Imam vomited blood continuously with pieces of his liver coming out and attained martyrdom on the 28th Safar 50 H. Jaadah the lady never got the reward , never became the Queen. She went to claim the reward but Moaviah sent her back saying what guarantee there is that you will not poison this husband too. She couldn’t take so much stress and the unfortunate lady died soon after. She had no children . Imam Hasan (a s) had two more wives and their sons offered their lives for the cause of Islam in Karbala with his Uncle Imam Husain (a s).Imam Hasan willed that his body be taken to the Prophet’s grave to pay respect and then buried near her Grand mother’s grave As the funeral procession went towards the grave of holy Prophet (s), Umayyeds mounted on horses obstructed it. Lady Ayesha came mounted on a mule and shouted that the grave of Mohammad is in her house and she would not allow the grandson of Khadijah to be buried beside Mohammad. Arrows started raining on the coffin. Imam Husain (a s) turned the procession towards Jannatul Baqie and buried his brother there.It may be of interest that the Prophet of Islam is buried in his own house which belonged to him exclusively and his wives individually had only !/10 of share which as per a famous misjudgement of her father belonged to none but was a sadqah property , as , as per his own ignorance, prophets don’t leave any property to any one .There was a shrine on his grave which was demolished by Aal e Saud Wahabis in the 20th Century and as today is marked by some stray stones.
After Imam Hasan’s martyrdom his followers wrote to Imam Husain (a s) pledging allegiance to him and proposing to remove Moaviah.However Husain (a s) refused the proposal, to strictly abide by the treaty between his brother and Moaviah..
Moaviah died a very painful death soon after may be because of his excesses and drinkings .
On the martyrdom of his elder brother, the younger son of Hazrat Ali (a s), that is Imam Husain (a s) became the next successor of Rasool Allah (saaws) and attained the 3rd Imamat but he remained aloof and uninterested in politics and confined himself to ibadah & tableegh
While Yazeed the worst bad character of his time, widely known as fasiq o fajir, drunkard and having almost all kind of vices was groomed by Moaviah to take the kingship against the treaty his father had with the Imam Aali muqaam , He was a known disbeliever and used to blasphemies that “who said the revelations came on Mohammad, it was simply his conspiracy to rule over Qoraish . Yazeed Maloun completely ignoring the peace treaty , illegitimately after his father’s most miserable death sat on the throne . He was well aware that his rule will never get legitimacy unless he obtained an allegiance from Husain (a s) So through his men he sent the demand of his allegiance . Imam’s answer was ‘Can a person like me could give allegiance to a person like him’ ?. Imam preferred to move from Madinah to Makkah which should have been a safer place to live peacefully because of its established sanctity. From the olden times it was always considered as a place of pease and security. After sometime and well when the days of Hajj came near , the Imam Aalimuqam realised that armed men in the garb of Hajis are arriving with hidden daggers in their Ahram which is simply an un sewn holy garment mandatory during the Hajj Their only aim was to eliminate him . So Imam (a s) postponing the Hajj and converting it into Umrah, he set out to leave Makkah to keep the sanctity of the place intact while the enemies were bent to convert the holy place to a bloodied battle field and smear the place with the blood of Ahlebayt (a s) As Maula Ali (a s) had ruled from the precinct of Koofah , there were some followers of his who were very much upset with the tyrant rule of Yazeed . Even some who were only superficial followers of the Maula (a s) were interested in a change as Yazeed was a menace for all and everyone . So both who were followers and those who were not so, sent numerous petitions to Husain (a s ) to come and take over the leadership which he so much deserved but being groomed as people of religion and as they sought his help which he could not refuse by his nature and position. They all showed their eagerness to put their allegiance in his hand . Imam Husain (a s) received a number of petitions duly stamped by respected elders too. So he just could not ignore their fariyaad and set out towards Koofah but also sent in advance his trusted Ambassador, his cousin , Hazrat Muslim bin Aqeel (a s) to examine the correct situation and report. Hazrat Muslim came to Koofah accompanied by two of his minor sons , to ensure that he is on a mission of Peace keeping, the legacy of his family and not on a mission of war or confrontation . Alas , the evil rulers had neither any mercy nor any pure blood in their veins, they killed the ambassador and also mercilessly martyred the two innocent kids and the forces of Yazeed of which one section , headed by Hurr e Riahi intercepted Husain’s (a s) caravan comprising of some relatives a few pious and pure friends , women and minor children . Now see that the battalion of Hurr who himself was a nice gentleman, a person of faith and Eemaan but by a stroke of bad luck entangled in the services of an evil ruler Yazeed son of Moaviah ibne abu Sufiyan. First he ordered them to go back then blocked the way forward . Imam Husain (a s) at that very moment had the upper hand , he knew every thing , at the same time also felt that the enemy’s army , at this not so big section of the Yazeed ‘s forces in multiple of several thousands are down with thirst and have exhausted their water reserves . He just out of human compassion and out of the extreme faith to Allah not only offered water to all thirsty soldiers of Hurr’s army but to their animals to their fill. Such was the magnum amity of the grandson of the Prophet of Islam But this place anyway became the final resting place for the Imam and his ashaab for ever because this place where Hurr had intercepted was Nainawa or by other name Karbalah . Imam Husain (a s) along with his brief entourment set camps there near the river Foraat (Euphrates) on the 2nd of the holy month of Moharram of the 61st Hijri.Yazeed’s troops were reaching there in thousands every moment and Husain (a s) patient and on Allah’s mercy, often use to exhort his associates to go away and leave him alone as Yazeed wants his allegiance or his head only. But instead of a single man leaving , just a couple of people arrived from outside . On the eve of ninth of Moharram, once again the holy Imam collected all his associates and relieved them of their allegiance . He ordered to put off the lights and
Said . Take the hands each of you of one of my relative and leave away in the darkness of the night . But when the lights were on again , not a single soul had stirred , some of them said . ” My Maulah (master) if for the cause of yours and the cause of Allah, we are killed 70 times and resurrected, your goodness will find us again ready to sacrifice our lives, such was the profound commitment in each and every 72, both relatives and the rests who were only the followers, but of what level, the world history can not produce even a single parallel like them The entire score of camps were abuzz with qoranic recitations, doas and wills , throughout the entire night of ninth of Moharram and on the 10 started the series of martyrdoms which our Maula Husain (a s) commenced after the attack that came from the army of the enemy, with his associates first to let them go to the battle field and earliest to earn their martyrdom so that their sufferings be brief and less than his own kith and kin . By noon many of the associates had gone while some one declared that it is time for the Namaaz which the Master appreciated as the best of creation of Allah who remembered the salaat in such adverse circumstances . Imam Husain (a s ) lead the prayer,s a like of which could never be found in the annals of history in which a few are offering Namaaz braving the rain of arrows which a couple of young warriors are taking at their shields or on their parts of body so that at the end of the Namaz the two volunteers dropped dead on the ground . After all the associates layed their life came the turn of the loved once of the family and a stage reached when none left . Hazrat Ali Asghar, the youngest, a child of just six months who had not had a drop of water or his mothers milk for the last three days, when the last call of the Imam reverberated in the desert “is there anyone who can come and help me in my state of loneliness” , a commotion started and the six month old Hazrat Ali Asghar had dropped himself on the ground , to be ready and to go and offer his sacrifice on his fathers call and thus the last but the mightiest warrior out of the 72 had quenched his thirst from the pond of Kauser who showed his thirst to the army by moving his tongue on his lips and threw a smile. A commotion started in Umar ibne Saad’s army , some started crying turning their faces and a three prong arrow martyred the little kid on the shoulders of the Imam.. Now the Imam was left one and alone and ultimately bowed to the will of Allah to protect preserve and save the religion of Allah from total extinction as the Yazeed who was calling himself Ameeral momeneen and boasting himself the mightiest and making fun of the Islamic faith by taunting , “who says revelations came from the sky , it was simply a bogey of Mohammad to rule over the Qoraish (ma’az Allah)” .Now it was the time of asr (time of the afternoon prayers) Every friend, associate and family member had attained martyrdom, none of the male kin left save Imam Husain’s Son , Zainul Aabedeen (a s) who could not go to the battlefield as he was so sick and in a state of coma , that he was almost unaware what was going around except at the last moment when the Imam (a s) came for the last time to transfer the mantle of 4th Imamat and say his will to his son and the only survivor . Even in this condition when the Imam was woken up,he requested for his sword and help from his father to get up and defend . Imam Husain (a s) quickly gave him his will, handed over the responsibility of the family and took his leave . This time there was no one to help him mount his duldul (his favourite horse) and his sister Zainab (saa) was the one who assisted . He set out to the battle field , sent innumerable to Hell and a stage came when he heard the command of the lord ” enough O soul e Mutmainnah , come back to your Lord”. He put his sword back in the shield and let the attack of spears, swords and arrows bring him to the ground and get beheaded by the blunt dagger of Shimr Maloun . With this the sound of Victory drums started sounding in the enemy camp and they started the camps set on fire . In his stupor the Imam heard the call of his Father’s sister “my son, you are now the Imam and head of the family . decide and tell us whether we should come out of the tent without cover or stay in and let us be devoured by the flames ” Imam gained a little consciousness for the moment and said .” Aunty , life is to be protected , as far as possible at all counts,let us all come out of burning tents ” . The Yazeed’s army started plundering and looting the property and the Progeny of the Prophet of Islam were running in panic from one burning tent to other when the saddest eve of the poorest of poor “Shaam e Ghareeban” appeared on the horizon and after sometime , don’t know how the enemies’ through the widow of Hurr, sent some water and a little provisions to eat . This time Imam Husain’s sister , Lady Zainab , the daughter of the Prophet’s daughter, Lady Fatemah got up like a warrior and challenged the intruder shouting “who comes there , our children in 3 days of thirst have just dozed of , if you have still to loot and plunder come in the morning, take whatever is left if any” The Hurr’s widow replied this is me Lady , ” I have brought some food and water for the children”.. Zainab (s) accepted a little water , woke up Sakinah, the four years daughter of Husain (a s) When offered a glass of water the innocent small lady asked , Did you gave the water to the little Asghar and ran towards the place where the bodies of the martyrs were lying , mostly mutilated by the hoofs of the horses running here and there .
The survivors , women and children lead by the Imam Zainul Abedeen (a s) , the fourth real successor of the holy Prophet and the Imam of the time were taken prisoner , bound in iron chains and secured in iron necklace and set out for a journey to Koofah , Shaam and Yazeed’s palace , a journey which could take days and months to reach . With lot of tortures, hurts and inflictions all the way. They some how reached but many children perished on the way .
Exhibiting, torturing humiliating and making fun of them the Prophet of Islam’s Caravan of his kith and kin reached the full and decorated Palaces of Yazeed maloun and there they received further humiliations . This also was the beginning of the mourning the survivors of the massacre of Karbala initiated so that the forces of Eemaan of Islam and the forces of Kufr and nifaq be exposed and identified and the peoples should have a choice to pick either of the two.. This was the re-establishment of the tableegh of the Allah’s chosen deen which officially started after one year of imprisonment of the Ahlebayt in Jail . The story of their coming out of imprisonment is also unique and the main achiever in this too is Lady Zainab (saa) and the Imam Zainul Aabedin(a s) It happened like this . Over the time Yazeed started realising his great follies , though not much changed from his extreme evil nature, however gave some relaxation in allowing the mourning to the inmates of the Prison. Thus the weeping, crying and lamentation increased and its noise reached the nearby palace of the tyrant Yazeed .Yazeeds wife Hindah the queen , worried by the constant noise from the prison cells used to upset her and she asked as who are they who weep day and night and disturb the atmosphere Yazeed’s answer was that a group of rebels went against the kingdom the men were appropriately punished by execution and the family are prisoners, it is those very captives the women and children of the rebels who are the source of these noises.
Hindah was not satisfied with this explanation and wanted to explore herself . She arranged her own visit to the prison to find out the truth . So she went and the reality shocked her no end . It transpired that when she was very young and lived in Koofah and there was Maula Ali’s rule there , Hindah the little girl use to come to the princess Zainab and take lessons in Qora’an and when she went in the prison , with difficulty though, she could recognise her childhood teacher , the daughter of Lady Fatemah , Princess Zainab (saa) . So shocked was she to learn the details , she got them freed quickly and sent them home with honour though they preferred to go to Karbala first, mourn for their martyrs and then go home to Madinah.

In the meantime Hazrat Ameer Mokhtar,whose father and grandfather both were a sahabi e Rasool (s) who was put to jail on preventive measures by Ibne Ziad Maloun . Ameer was very much unaware what transpired in Karbala, otherwise he was such ardent admirer of Ameeral Momeneen (a s ) and loved and respected his children most, he should have been a martyr in Karbalah. .Husain’s (a s) ambassador Hazrat Muslim bin Aqeel (a s) first became his guest and then transferred from one place to other for safety but in the meantime Mokhtar was caught and jailed. Hazrat Muslim, through the Haris Maloun whose wife was a muhibbe Ahlebayt and who had sheltered Muslim for sometime, but her evil husband found out, informed his superiors in order to get rewarded and got him executed . As such , he could not fulfil his mission and could not inform Maula Husain (a s) to warn him and to ask him not to come to Koofah as the condition were not conducive to his visit . Hazrat Mokhtar managed to get himself released from the prison but it was too late and Imam Aali Moqam Hazrat Imam Husain (a s) had already embraced martyrdom with his ashaab and his household were paraded in the bazaars of Koofah and Shaam , sent to Yazeed’s darbaar where they were Jailed
After coming out and learning the facts, Ameer Mukhtar set out to a mission to send to hell all the criminals of Karbala He started to organize an army against tyrant Yazeed to throw him out of the throne and behead him the soonest . In collaboration with his very dear friend Ismaeel Son of Hazrat Malik e Ashtar who was a great Sahabi of Ameer al Momeneen (a s) and another close friend Kayan set up a force , acquired Koofan rule and faught with such bravery that over the year he picked up one by one each killer of the Karbala and beheaded them..Yazeed in his darbaar had boasted before the captives ‘you have seen how I took revenge from the progeny of Mohammad(s) for killing our ancestors and made you captive in front of me and humiliated you” To which Lady Zaiynab (saa) had replied in the full packed darbar She made a prediction ” Yazeed you have seen your orders were followed and my brother, his family and friends massacred and we were arrested, paraded and imprisoned but you will see what will happen now , you will suffer , your progeny will refuse your succession and you shall die a miserable death and shall soon be humiliated and it will surely happen . It happened exactly so , he became very ill , remained in great pain for several days Knowing he is not going to survive , he called his son Moaviah 2nd to declare him his successor and handover the mantle of governance . Moaviah bluntly refused to take up his successor ship in these words “May Allah keep me away from ruling such a government which has been laid on the foundation smeared with the blood of the progeny of Prophet of Islam” Just rebuked his dying father who was already in great pains and fled . Yazeed died a dogs death without food and a drop of water for three days because nothing could go down to his throat and no physician could give him any relief .
Sympathisers of Bani Umaiyyah caught and forced Moaviah to sit on the throne but he fled again , closed himself in his house and was screaming Ya Husain, Ya Husain till he died.
Hazrat Ameer e Mokhtar Saqafi raises from the imprisonment and circumstances make him the ruler of Koofah . As soon as he establishes himself there the first orders he made was to catch each and every criminal of Karbala There was a panic among these criminals and they started fleeing from Koofah , some went here some there some even took shelter in the forests and the Caves but Ameer’s soldiers started pulling them out like rats and presented in front of the ruler who gave them appropriate punishments by cutting hands and legs as well as beheading them as they arrived . The executioners had a busy schedule and the heads were accumulating at a fast pace till most of the killers of Karbala reached their fate . In this battle of taking the revenge for the shahadat of innocent progeny of the Rasool e Islam , Ameer e-
Mokhtar confronted Zubarian in his last encounter with the infidels and offered his own supreme sacrifice after almost completing his cherished mission . It must be noticed that though Karbala had the presence of three Imams , Husain Ibne Ali (a s) attaining martyrdom, Imam Ali Ibnal Husain Zainul Abedeen (a s) (658-714AH) who was too ill throughout but Allah kept him alive in the greatest adversity and the third his son , Imam to be , Hazrat Baqar (a s) who was just a child of 2 and a half or so. In this mission of Hazrat Ameer e Mokhtar , Imam Zainul Aabdeen (a s) had no role but it is said that a very faint Smile appeard on the face of Imam Zainul Aabedeen (a s ) on the 9th of Rabeeil Awwal when he was informed of the mission completed and Ibne Ziad beheaded.While Ibne Ziad was the last earlier Umar ibne Sa’ad who was once a close person , though Ameer never had much liking for him but had to meet him sometimes because his sister was married to him and because of her intervention, once he got remission from jail too but his crimes were so heinous that he was no way worthy of escape and ultimately caught and beheaded by the Ameer. Harmala, Shimr bin Ziljaushan and Khooli the cheaf and ferocious criminals all met their appropriate fate and beheaded by Mokhtar’s order . Obaidullah Ibne Zaiad who had the major role was the last and Ibraheem Bin Malik e Ashtar the dearest friend of Ameer e Mokhtar had the distinction of apprehending him and beheading him in an encounter after which it is reported he raised a loud Nara e Takbeer, Allah o Akbar thus almost concluding the chapter ‘Revenge of the Martyrdom of Imam Husain” (a s) to a conclusive end .
As Allamah Rashidul Khairi said in his ” Saiyadah ka Laal” in this way all the Criminals of Karbala were sent to hell one by one . Mokhtar’s era was in fact an Allah’s sent Qahr (calamity) which gave all the enemies of Ahlebayt e Rasool , a taste of their deeds otherwise Ameer Mokhtar had no ambitions to rule . In fact it was a fact that he was well satisfied in his farms and was well off enjoying the bounties of his labour and company of his friends and a loving family. In his last encounter with the Zubairians , Ameer was encircled in his palace and was having just 71 associates , incidently just one short in numbers like his master Husain (a s) had in Karbala , against here too in thousands. He fought so bravely that at one time it looked that he will drive away all infidels, however he had to offer his sacrifice and ultimately met his master but before his soul depart , fighting and killing the enemies, he dragged himself to the mimber of the masjid e Koofah and his soul departed holding the leg of the mimber , his master used to give his sermons on as Ameeral Momeneen , Imamul Muttaqeen Khalifatal Bila Fasl and went very peacefully, obviously towards Jannatul Firdaus This reminds me the event when once his father was sitting with the Rasool e Kareem (saaws) and the young Mokhtar passed by , Rasool e Kareem (s) pointing to his son is reportedly told his father of the great tidings his son will have and the role he will play .
Bani Ummaiyyah’s rule remained till another 14 rulers of the clan , then the things changed and Abbasids took over The first Abbasid ruler Abul Abbas became the Calif defeating the last Umayyid and his first orders were that there should not remain a single child of Banu Umaiyyah in existence . He further ordered that the graves of all the Banu Umaiyyah’s rulers be dug and demolished and Yazeed’s bones should be taken out from his accursed grave and burnt but Allahmah Rashidul Khairi Says that as per Tabari when Yazeed’s bone were dug for burning it were already found burnt Black .That was another Allah’s curse on him.

Imam Ali Ibn al Husain (Zainul Aabedeen) (a s) was born on 15th Jamadil Awwal 38 H to Imam Husain (a s) and Lady Shaher Bano (s a a) It was Allah’s will to keep him alive to continue the chain of Imamat and the world not without a living Imam, so though each and every one of the Ahlebayt attained Shahadat including the very young children of Bibi Zainab (s a a) Hazrat Aun and Mohammad and the very young Qasim son of Imam Hasan (a s ) but Imam Siyyed Sajjad remained unconscious most of the day of Ashoorah . The Imam after coming back to Madinah kept himself aloof mostly in Ibadah or in mourning to the Shohdah or in the teaching of deen . His generosity, hospitality, help and assistance to the poor and destitute was such that he was often found to carry a load of food stuff on his back to the needy in the night .Is there can be some one more generous that from the Banu Umaiyyahs who eliminated his entire family, from the same ummayyeds , Marwan Bin Hakam requested for a shelter to his family and 400 people of his family were given shelter and food for several weeks . He attained martyrdom to his sufferings at 57 years of age and was buried in Jannatul Baqie .
Imam Mohammad Ibne Ali Al Baqar (677 – 733 AD) was born to Imam Zainul Aabedeen and Janab Fatemah binte Hasan (a s) on 1st of Rajab 57 H . He attained Shahadat on 7th Zil Hijjah 114 H due to poisning by Ibraheem bin Waleed and was buried in Jannatul Baqie , Madinah. He was the 5th successor of Rasool Allah (saaws) and his Imamat / Khilafat lasted till 104 H. .Because of his resemblance to his great grandfather he was named Muhammad, That was so because he analysed the knowledge and made manifest its secrets,so he became known with the title of Al Baqar.He was the first Imam whose lineage ascended and reached the Islamic prophet Muhammad both from the paternal and maternal sides. He attained martyrdom in Madina at age 57, on 7th Zil-Hijjah 114 AH (733 AD) He was poisoned by Ibrahim bin Walid on the orders of Hashsham bin Abdul Malik He had 5 Sons and 6 Daughters

Imam Jafar Ibne Mohammad Al Sadiq (a s) (702-765) was born to Imam Baqar (a s) and Janab Umme Farwah on 17th Rabil Awwal 83H . He attained Shahadat on 15 Shawwal 148 H
Due to poisoning by Al Mansoor and was buried in Jannatul Baqie.. He was the 6th Successor of Rasool Allah (saaws) and his Immamat / Khilafat lasted till 148 H
He is highly respected by both Sunni and Shi’a Muslims for his great Islamic scholarship, pious character, and academic contributions. most famous as the founder of Shi’a Islamic fiqh, known as Fiqh e Jafariyah, he had many other accomplishments. He was the teacher of many subsequent Muslim scholars such as the founders of both Sunni and Shi’a Islamic schools of jurisprudence. As well as being considered an Imam of the Shi’a, he is revered by the NaqshbandiSunni Sufi chain. He was a mathematician: an astronomer, alchemist, Islamic scholar, Islamic theologian, writer, philosopher, physician, physicist and scientistHe was also the teacher of the famous chemist, Jābir ibn Hayyān (Geber) Present scientists today wonder how he had the knowledge of certain phenomena which was unimaginable then like the numbers of Isotopes of Mercury as nuclear knowledge became known only in the late 18th century and the early 19thcentury but he told the exact numbers of Isotopes of Mercury which is now confirmed to be true an accurate though the concept was unimaginable then. .
Imam Jafar e Sadiq (a s ) saw the downfall of Bani Ummaiyah and the rise of the Abbasids but remain aloof and in his spread of religious education , never participated in any politics or any of the confrontation of the two clans, the ummayyas and the rising Abbasids .
The new Abbasid rulers, who had risen to power on the basis of their claim to descent from Muhammad’s uncle ‘Abbas ibn ‘Abd al-Muttalib, were extremely suspicious of Imam Ja’far, whom many considered to have a better claim to the caliphate .He was watched closely and often imprisoned to cut off from followers and finally martyred by poisoning by Al Mansoor.

Imam Musah Ibne Ja’afar Al Kazim (a s ) (745-799AD) was born to Imam Jafar Sadiq (a s ) and Janab Hamidah Musaffah (s a a) on 7th Safar 129th H , at a place called Abwa , between Makkah and Madnah. He was the 7th Imam, the successor of Prophet of Islam and was designated as Imam at the age of 21. He was martyred of poisoning on the orders of the then Abbasid ruler of the time Harun Al Rasheed, by Sindi Ibne Shahiq on 25th Rajab 183 H and was buried in Kazmain Baghdad . He had one son Ali Raza (a s) who became the next Imam and two daughters Janab Fatemah and Janab Hajar Khatun.
Imam Ali Bin Musa Al Raza (Abu Hasan) (766-819AD ) was born to Imam Musa e Kazim (a s) and Ummul Baneen Najmah(saa) on the 11th of Ziqadah 148 H at Madinah and was martyred by Abbasid Khalifa Al Mamoon on the last day of Safar 203 H and was buried at Mashad Muqaddas , Iran. At the death of his father in 799AD at the age of 33 he became the 8th Successor of Prophet of Islam and the Imam Ali al Raza (a) was not looked upon favourably by Haroon Rasheed and the people of Madinah were disallowed from visiting Ali al-Raza (a) and learning from him. Harun attempted to kill him but was unsuccessful. Sheikh Saduq narrates through the words of Ibrahim ibn Abbas that, “I never saw Ali al Raza committing excess over anyone in talking and interrupting anybody’s speech before its coming to the end. He did not stretch his legs in the presence of others. When the meal table was laid he invited the servants to it, and took his meals with them. After taking rest in the nights he got up and made himself busy with the prayers to Allah. Similar to his forefathers he carried food to the houses of the afflicted ones at the mid of nights. He used mats of palm date leaves, straws and marsh reed in the summer season, and woolen carpets in the winter. He led a simple life in his home, but when he went out he put on new and clean dress. He respected and honoured the guests. Marouf Karkhi who was converted to Islam through Ali al Raza (a) is one of the foremost figures in the golden chain of most Sufi orders. He was a devoted student of Ali al-Raza(a) and is an important figure for Sufism. Abbasid Khalifa Haroun Al Raseed offered , rather forced Imam Raza (a s) to accept his successorship which he was not willing to but had to accept to avoid complications . He became very famous for his teachings particularly supplications . He was also known as Imam e Zamin after an interesting event of a deer and its calfs. He had a son who became the 9th Imam.beside He was martyred on May 26, 818, in Persia while accompanying al-Ma’mun at Toos. Scholars hold he was poisoned by al-Ma’mun using grapes which was well known to be his favourite and he liked very much.. Ali al-Raza (a s) is buried within Imam Raza Mosque, in Mashhad, Iran.
Imam Mohammad Taqi Ibne Raza Al-Jawwad (Abu Jafar) (a s) (811-835) was born to Imam Ali Raza (a s ) and Bibi Khezran (s a a) on the 10th of Rajab 195 H.. The 9th Imam was 5 years old when his father was called to Baghdad by Mamun Rashid to be his ‘heir apparent’. When Imam Ali Raza (a.s.) was leaving he saw his son putting sand in his hair. He asked why and the young Imam replied that this was what an orphan did. Mamun called the young Imam (a.s.) to Baghdad from Madina and offered his daughter. This infuriated his family Mamun died in 218 H. and was succeeded by his brother Mo’tasam Billah With instigation from both the Ulemah and Ummul Fadhl ,his wife, Mo’tasam sent poison which Ummul Fadhl put in Imam’s drink and gave it to him He was martyred by the Abbasid Calif Mutassin on the 29th of Ziqadah 220 H and is buried at Kazmain, Iraq .
Imam Ali bin Mohammad Al Naqi (Abul Hasan) (a s) (829-868) was born to Imam Mohammad Taqi and Janab e Samanah (s a a) on the 15th of Zil Hijjah 214 H. The Imamat of 10th Imam coincides with the decline of Abbsids. Threatened by Turkish regeme,Abbasids changed capital from Baghdad to Samarrah .His age was only 6 years when his father was martyred and he lived the next 13 years in Madina .Mutawakkil had called him to Madinah..Mutawakkil was most evil calif and hated Ahlebayt most He tried to change course the Foraat so that Imam Husain’s grave be water logged. but could not succeed . Zaireen ( pilgrims) to the Shrine of Imam Husain (a s) were often attacked and killed. Mutawakkil died and Muntasir took over, who remained in power very briefly Then others ruled. Imam during these periods remained in house arrest but kept teaching of Theology which alarmed the ruler and he got him poisoned on 3rd Rajab 254 and he was buried at Samarah Iraq in his own house which he had built .
Imam Hasan bin Ali Al-Askari (Abu Mohammad) (846-874) was born to Imam Ali Naqi and Janab Saleel (s a a) on the 10 of Rabi us Sani .He was 22 when his father was martyred. Period of his imamat lasted only 6 years. He was martyred on 8th of Rabil Awwal 260 H by poisoning when he was only 28 years . Imam Hasan al-Askari (a s) had two siblings, Muhammad Abu Ja’far, al-Husayn bin Ali al-Hadi and a sister named Aa’liyah. Imam Hasan al-Askari and al-Husayn were called “as-Sibtayn” and were named after their two grandfathers Imam Hasan and Imam Hussain (a s).His entire life almost spent in Jail or House arrest After the death of al-Muntasir, al-Musta’een took control. he had little political influence and was considered by many to be a tool controlled by the Turks. He had bitter hatred of Imam al-Askari and feared that he might rise by the Abbasid Calif Arranged to be murdered by poisonind ,the Imam was layed to rest at Samarrah Iraq.
Imam Mohammad Mehdi (a s ) Abul Qasim ( 870-todate ) was born to Imam Hasan Askari and Bibi Narjis Khatoon on 15th Shaabaan 256 H/870 AD and with Allah’s will is the living Imam in occultation and shall reappear whenever it is Allah’s will. Some people weak in Eeman doubt as to how when an average age is 75-80, at the most hundred and in the rarest of the cases 125, how a person can live for 1300 years or more . In this scientific era it is lack of knowledge and intellect to think this . Medical researchers have already predicted that soon it will be possible to extend the life span to a thousand. So one believe this and a muslim is supposed to have Eeman on Qora’an and Allah’s book where already described are very long life spans of certain Nabis. If you have faith on Qora’an , you have to believe it
His presence is like Sun behind clouds , not visible to the ordinary eyes but benefits the whole Universe .He is the 12th Successor of the Prophet of Islam and Imam Akhir uz Zamaan Rasool Allah (saaws) in a famous , mutawatir and accepted hadees by Shias and Sunnis both that after me there will be 12 successors ( Imams ) all from Qoraish .So all believers , the above are the 12 Imams , all immaculate, infallible , tahir o Motahhar , free from any sin or defect, the most learned and the perfect guides of their times and till the date and till Qayamah. The 12th Imam will appear when the world will be filled with utmost evil ,hardly many devouts will be left, the entire earth will be filled with Fitnah, he will come , destroy all evil bring absolute Peace and rule till Qayamah.with bliss & tranquillity everywhere.
Let Allah (swt) hasten his reappearance at the earliest Ameen.