Divorce procedure is mentioned in Quran and Hadith but Umar Ibnal Khattab innovated the law of divorce and announced three times divorce in one time popularly known as teen talaaq is valid and jaez. ( Sahih Muslim ).

If a husband gets angry on his wife and in his rage say three times that I have given you the divorce ( three times ) TALAQ , TALAQ & TALAQ and does not go back to his wife , then the divorce get completed between that couple. Now if that person wants to go back to his wife, which happens most often due to family bonds and due to the fact that at that moment he was not in his proper sense, it is not possible until that woman should marry with another man and then that man should divorce the woman after intercourse , then it is possible the divorced woman can go back to her previous husband after a new Nikah. This is called Halalah .

It is a horrible procedure which is against ethics, common sense and above all the teachings of Islam. There are lots of examples in Sunni Muslim society that many families and women suffering through this system. There are Halala centers and sometimes this is done by Imam of the mosque in neighbourhood. A husband gets emotional and mad easily on his wife, breaks his family then he has no other choice to take his wife to Imam of the mosque or a friend to make his wife for one night and after getting divorce from that one night husband, the woman becomes entitled to re-marry with her orignal husband because here children and family bindings are there with the first husband.

Isnt it so cruel, humilliating to the female , so it is true that it is non islamic , an innovation and not binding on the Ummah . The Calif had no authority to bring about any change in the ahkam e Shariyah after the Rasool e Kareem declared the Deen perfectly Takmeel on the premises of the Ghadeer e Khum on the 18th of Zilhijjah.

Sometimes it happens that the one night husband does not give divorce and does give back woman to her orignal husband, OR in other case he becomes so infuctuated with her whom he has lawfully married that he refuses to free her , that makes a complicated situation . This is another issue which gets raise up between that family. In fact the entire system is wierd, cruel and far from natural and therefore couldnt have been ISLAMIC.