Crane Collapse Kills 107 At Grand Mosque In Mecca
At least 107 people have died after a crane toppled over and crashed into the Grand Mosque in the Saudi city of Mecca. The Grand Mosque is the largest in the world …

Aaye kuch abr kuch sharaab aaye. Uske baad aaye jo azaab aaye.

So it came like a tsunami and the cranes crashed , killing more than hundred , dozens still missing and more than two hundred injured, many are in a critical state .
Iiquor is no haraam for the royal prince & princes, Hotels are booked in entirety for the tourism & oil money is in plenty., Gayism is the norms ,misyar is the islamic sanction zabardasti , in the days of jahliyah slaves were allowed, today house maids are the convenience, thanks to Nepal’s devastating  zalzalah & resultant powerty while every thing is lost for  the survivors . This gave God sent apportunity  which do not create any fear of Qayamat do often comes like this , for they
are the keepers of Hamain -Sharifain and can keep any number of maids for themselves as well as to serve friends.