Masuma Ranalvi is worthy of praise for her bold steps against the cruel, unhealthy, unislamic tradition in certain communities which has no mention in qora’an or is the sunnat . The high priest of Bohra community should himself condemn this tradition and order its stoppage . It is a shame on the community .
Peoples by and large are now well informed and have the courage to defy so it in the interest of the community to stop this evil practice.
I do have great respect for this Shia Leader.
Zaheer Husain Khan
On Tue, 16/2/16, Asghar Vasanwala wrote:

Subject: Bohra Women slam cruel tradition of female genital mutilation,the female Khatna. Please click
and watch recent Indian TV “News Today” report

Bohra chief priest, known as Dai or Syedna, rules Bohra community with draconian force, imposing complete obedience on
his sect. Mufaddal Mola is current chief priest. Any disobedience such as not paying him taxes; not entertaining members of his family; not following strict dress code; etc. are strictly dealt. It includes boycott;excommunication; divorces; refusal to bury dead; refusal to perform Nikah; etc.Fearing above punishment, Bohra men rarely raise their head in defiance; there is no question of Bohra women doing so.

Finally, new era has produced a bold Bohra woman Masuma Ranalvi andhis group “Sahiyo”
They are spearheading a movement against FGM promoted by Syedna Mufaddal. The FMG process involves clipping clitoris-tip of 7-year-old girls for stunting development of their sexual libido. It may be mentioned that female clitoris is anatomically similar to male genial. Please click Above custom is called female Khatna. One can imagine trauma and loss suffered by these seven-year-old girls in name of fulfilling primitive tribal custom.
I applaud Masuma Ranalvi for her super courage of coming on TV.
Vas Salam
Asghar Vasanwala