“And Allâh gave him [Dâwûd] the kingdom and wisdom” (2:251).

A kind of  Kingdom was given to Hazrat Muhammad (s) also. An angel descended as Gibrîl – upon him (s) – was sitting together with the Prophet (s). Gibrîl said: “This angel did not descend on earth since its creation until this moment.” The angel said: “O Muhammad! Your Lord told me to ask you:  ‘ Shall I make you a king or a servant and Messenger? ” Gibrîl said:  “ Humble yourself before your Lord , O Muhammad!” The Prophet (s) said: “A servant and Messenger!”  al-Bazzâr, and Abû Ya`la, the former two with a sound chain as stated by al-Haythamî and Ahmad Shâkir Ahmad’s Musnad (#7160). Also see al-Mundhiri’s al-Targhib. This hadith is a proof that kingship was an honored state, as Allâh (swt) would not propose to His Beloved anything dishonorable or disliked, and Allâh knows best but the holy Prophet (s) preferred the Naboowat over the kingship .

So from Prophet Mohammad (S) onwards there was no validity of any kingship . Allah appoints his Rasools  who  have to be immaculate and infallible , free from every kind of rijs . He can not speak untruth , He cannot commit any minor or major gunah, in fact  HE cannot commit any act which can displease Allah . Allah promises to continue the hidayah of human kind till qayamah , So the Rasool declared ” I leave behind two precious things, the  book of Allah and my itrah (ahlal bayt) . They shall not be seperated ever from each other, and whoever shall keep tamassuk with them shall never go astray & shall meet me at kauser. So it is crystle clear that the successor of the Prophet hood , defined as OOLIL AMR has also to be divinely appointed and have also to be infallible . So the Rasool (s) said ” After me there are 12  successors , Califs / Imams ) . Now these have to be obeyed like the ALLAH has to be and his Rasool has to be,  by every person who claims to be a muslim . Any one who denies this principle has no claim on islam , is a kaffir. 

As long as Rasool e Kareem (s) lived & professed his prophethood , he had to confront many enemies . He did faught battles , not a single was an invasion on others geographical entity. All the wars called GHAZWAS were defensive . He established special, specific rules of war . Most prominent among the rules were no initiation of battle , first offering peace, surrender & acceptance of ISLAM and in case of refusal, wait for the first attack of the apponant .

So it is established that the Islamic state cannot invade any geographical entity of others under any circumstances , as such it is evident that all the ghazwas were absolute defense, never any attempt of expansion . If any wars took place after the demise of the holy Prophet(s) and areas were won or annexed , these were  not islamic or  valid  as per Islamic shariya. Any one killed in these battles were no martyrs and the winners in these battles in any way were ghazis . It was all an unislamic invasion for the moulookiat and  expansionism ,  which has no sanction in islam .

After the sad demise of the Holy Prophet (s) as against his last wishes , munafiqs among sahabas who had already given their allegiance at the ghadeer e khum , established a fake and an unauthorised khilafat , first wrongfully headed by Abu Bakr , then Umar . During the regeme of Abu Bakr not much was added to the Islamic state,  however after his death in two years ,the nominated ruler Umar Ibnal Khattab did invaded Persia & Rome , annexed their areas to the islamic state and their followers boast of these fatoohat too much .These fatoohaat and annexture of the areas have no sanction in Islam neither the later invasions of so called muslim rulers  in Europe & India have islamic validity , these are only a shame on Islam, nothing to be pride of , for , for these crimes the rulers and their soldiers will have only chastisement , not any rewards from ALLAH , who is  almighty and the JUST .    

Persians originally zorastrians , the worshippers of fire did convert to moavian muslims by force after arab fatoohat on a large scale . They had a very developed culture and as they progressed gradually by the time of the safavid monarchy , they almost entirely  converted to asl-Islam as prophesed by the Ahlebayt e Rasool (s ) so  today  except a very miniscule minority  , Alhamdolillah , are all on the true islam . They have the finest of Seminary & Ulemah, Mujtahids, & Ayatollahs . They have progressed both in the matter of spritualism and in science & technology ,  in fact have become the greatest power as such is a matter of great envy to the majority non shia muslims because of which they hate Iran , they hate shia Islam and they hate TRUTH .

Wahabbi-salfi  muslims , another offshoot of sunni Islam acquired an altogether weird fiqh infleunced by the teachings of Ibne Taimiyyah and grabbed by Abdul Wahab to which the Jewish lineage Al Saud turned Arab in disguice took advantage and in association with Britishers the Evil 3 established a wahabbi empire and forcefully grabbed the control of the two islamic holieast of holy heritages, the Makkah & madinah. They are the criminals, they are the usurpers and they have made terrorism their ideal . Al Qaedah , Talebaan, Jaesh and  Daesh with many others of the same mentality & faith have taken away peace away from this world . Fortunately the world is realising the truth , they produce lot of arms, ammunitions & materials of mass destruction and are oblidged to sell it to the criminals , but now when their own existance is at peril and at threat they are coming to senses and gradually abondoning them , the result is large scale  bombing on Daesh illegal holdings in syria & Iraq . A strange and unprecedented thing has also happened . Russian, by & large most of them  atheists or non believers have joined the large scale destruction of  whatever little  occupied area is still in their illegal hold .  Insha Allah , not in the very distant future , they shall be confined to the pages of history